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After my first journey where I tried blogging about 2 years ago, which ended after 5 posts, I will finally start again. I'm still building a team and already got 2 great friends on board. Esperado will give you some of his outlooks on life and music in his weekly section, which might end up in talking about girls and dating... My boy Matt will tell you something about the roots of the Hip Hop culture and the Zulu nation, but will also post some actual stuff. I won't focus on Hip Hop or music in general, I will give you some opinions and information about pretty much anything that I find interesting. Might be sports, especially the new NBA season, fashion, culture or history, give you information on some of the most beautiful places on earth or just tell some personal stories. Everything is possible!
I don't want to rant too much, that is already being done on other pages. I just will when something really annoys me, like all the complaining other people do, I hate that sh*t.
I will also keep you updated on my projects, I'm currently working on a special EP with Punchlyne (of eMC), the Soul Occs LP finally got a home and there is a lot of other stuff going on, but I will tell you about it, when the time is right.
I made the design by myself, I'm not really a geek or anything and don't really know about html, i just know how to help myself and I think the page looks cool. I hope you like it too.

So I hope you will enjoy ClapWorld and please tell yout friends to tell their friends about us! And don't forget to bookmark the page!
Much Love to everybody!


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- Masta Ace & Edo.G's album "Arts & Entertainment" out now

- Everybody who visits the USA will be supposed to pay 10 dollars "entrance", to pay a marketing campaign to get more tourists. SOunds weird, but that's what they plan.

- Strong Arm Steady and Madlib recorded a whole collabo album entitled "Stoney Jackson" which will be released via Stones Throw this fall. Features: Talib Kweli, Guilty Simpson, Phonte, Planet Asia.

- Busta Rhymes is working on his new album "The Chemo", let's hope it will be better than the last one...

- The collabo album of Method Man, Ghostface and Raekwon has been pushed back to 2010, same goes for the Roots album.

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