Sep 30, 2009 4:17 PM

HOME - LISTEN & ACT!!! We're killing ourselves! Do you care?

The human race, a specie gifted with common sense? This is what "they" say, but I doubt it! Please erase my doubts! If you love yourself, your family, your friends, this world, HipHop Culture, music, culture, animals, beauty, art, ...LIFE in genereal, please listen, watch and ACT!...and then, tell your friends and your friends' friends!

This is a very important documentary film which is showing us how important it is to start TODAY to make a change in our everyday life. If we don't change our behaviour now, follow generations will starve to death, water will be rare and fought for, billions of people will not have enough water because of our lavish lifestyles today. The earth is a sensitive and beautiful big cosmos, but the human being is destroying and exploiting it for profit, luxury and lavish lifestyles. Please sit down and watch this documentary film and make a change before it's too late to save our planet. Even if this is reaching a handful of people, a small change is done. And if you show this to your friends and friends' freinds a bigger change can be possible. This is no exaggeration! This is PURE facts! Reality! So pleased take an hour of your lifetime to watch this and change for the better, because if we don't, we will all suffer from the consequences! Thanks to all of you who take some time and watch this!

Peace and One Love
Matt aka Pax, caring for myself, you, our world, my beloved ones and follow generations!
Do YOU care?

English Version:

German version:
Part 1)

to watch the whole documentary film, click:

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- Masta Ace & Edo.G's album "Arts & Entertainment" out now

- Everybody who visits the USA will be supposed to pay 10 dollars "entrance", to pay a marketing campaign to get more tourists. SOunds weird, but that's what they plan.

- Strong Arm Steady and Madlib recorded a whole collabo album entitled "Stoney Jackson" which will be released via Stones Throw this fall. Features: Talib Kweli, Guilty Simpson, Phonte, Planet Asia.

- Busta Rhymes is working on his new album "The Chemo", let's hope it will be better than the last one...

- The collabo album of Method Man, Ghostface and Raekwon has been pushed back to 2010, same goes for the Roots album.

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