Sep 30, 2009 4:17 PM

HOME - LISTEN & ACT!!! We're killing ourselves! Do you care?

The human race, a specie gifted with common sense? This is what "they" say, but I doubt it! Please erase my doubts! If you love yourself, your family, your friends, this world, HipHop Culture, music, culture, animals, beauty, art, ...LIFE in genereal, please listen, watch and ACT!...and then, tell your friends and your friends' friends!

This is a very important documentary film which is showing us how important it is to start TODAY to make a change in our everyday life. If we don't change our behaviour now, follow generations will starve to death, water will be rare and fought for, billions of people will not have enough water because of our lavish lifestyles today. The earth is a sensitive and beautiful big cosmos, but the human being is destroying and exploiting it for profit, luxury and lavish lifestyles. Please sit down and watch this documentary film and make a change before it's too late to save our planet. Even if this is reaching a handful of people, a small change is done. And if you show this to your friends and friends' freinds a bigger change can be possible. This is no exaggeration! This is PURE facts! Reality! So pleased take an hour of your lifetime to watch this and change for the better, because if we don't, we will all suffer from the consequences! Thanks to all of you who take some time and watch this!

Peace and One Love
Matt aka Pax, caring for myself, you, our world, my beloved ones and follow generations!
Do YOU care?

English Version:

German version:
Part 1)

to watch the whole documentary film, click:

Sep 27, 2009 11:58 PM

Ace & Edo - Arts & Entertainment Tracklisting plus Snippets

Since y'all might have noticed the album has been pushed back to nov. 3rd because of a lawsuit by A&E Networks that forbid to use the name A&E and the logo, which means the cover has to be re-worked and a couple things have to be changed. The Download of the album might be out earlier.

1. TV Night (Skit)
2. Hands High
3. Fans feat. Large Professor
4. A's & E's feat. Marsha Ambrosius
5. Rosci (Skit)
6. Little Young
7. Reminds Me
8. Black Ice Interlude
9. Good Music feat. Pos of De La Soul
10. Power Out (Skit)
11. Pass the Mic feat KRS-One
12. Over There
13. Round & Round feat Doitall
14. Hot Wangs (Skit)
15. Ei8ht is Enuff
16. Here I Go
17. You, Me & Some Snacks (Skit)
18. Dancing like a White Girl
19. Bloopers

There will be 2 bonus Tracks for the download sites, one is called "Authentic" and is produced by me, the other one is called "We want it all" and features Mr.Lif & Akrobatik.

Listen to the Snipets here:


Peace, Clap

Sep 26, 2009 5:36 PM

iHeart my iPod

Dear iPod,

I am so thankful for your friendship. I love you. Don’t let this bother you. It’s a different type of commitment like in that Musiq Soulchild song b.u.d.d.y”. I know you enjoy listening to it just as much as I do.

You are always there when I need you, dear iPod. You are my little RBG partner. We are revolutionary but gangsta, right?! They won’t know. It’s just you and me blasting “That’s war” by Dead Prez.

Remember that one time, when you were out of breath and I had to give you a break while Mos Def was flowing steady on “Quiet Dog”?! Don’t do that to me too often. I might panic,run home and skip classes to plug you in and cheer you up again.

I know you're kinda upset when I make us listen to Mickey Factz ft. the Cool Kids “Rockin n Rollin” but think of it as our current musical guilty pleasure,okay?! I don't think it will endanger our Hip Hop credentials that much.

I’m so sorry for making you drop on the ground that one time. You mean so much to me and I will make sure this doesn't happen again.

You know me so well, dear iPod. You play “Brooklyn Masala” by Masta Ace for me because you know that I’m that “Frankfurt Masala”. I love you for it. You play “Hey Love” by Marvin because you love me right back. We are meant to be because we’re on the same audiolength. You also like being schooled by Jeru. I learn more from “History 101” than in my American History class. We enjoy ridin' dirty with Bun B&Pimp C when we’re on the train. I like how you make me speed up my walk when we listen to “Men at work” by Kool G Rap.

I care for you, dear iPod. When you don’t feel well and your shine fades, I’m right there to gently touch you and make your smile light up again. And you are so sweet to me in return because you always give me something I can bop my head to while I’m on the go.

And after a long day when you finally snuggle up to me in bed, Slick Rick is there to tell us a “Children’s Story”. Goodnight and see you tomorrow, dear iPod.


Sep 14, 2009 3:26 AM

HipHop's birthplace sold!

On August 11, 1973, in the first floor recreation room of 1520 Sedgwick Avenue, West Bronx, New York City, HipHop was born. It was on that day that Kool DJ Herc, known as "the father of HipHop", and his sister threw the first HipHop house party. Herc, who got his name from all his muscles (Hercules), said that no one from the so called HipHop community came or donate money to save the birthplace of HipHop. It would have been peanuts for certain people to save this historical place. But where were these cats, 50 Cent, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Snoop Dogg, P. Diddy, Fat Joe, Russell Simmons, all the Lil's and so on? The people, who paved the way for a (sub-) culture to become a worldwide culture and movement, asked for their support, but no support was given. Maybe it's easy to find out why. This could probably happen, because these people are only RAPPERS, who want to benefit from something called HipHop but are not interested to give HipHop anything back at all. Instead of keeping it true to the culture and be all about "peace, love, unity & having fun", they rather "earn a little MORE paper", "make it rain on them hoes" and are "ALL ABOUT THE BENJAMINS!" and not about HipHop, because there is no "HipHop running through their veins".

Without the soul and the heart there is no HipHop, cause everything you're doing then is misusing and abusing something which came out of the culture for monetary reasons. That's what these dudes have proven. That's not what HipHop is about! That's NOT HIPHOP! What are you about? Live HipHop! BE HipHop!

In peace, love & unity
Matt // Universal Zulu Nation

Sep 10, 2009 3:30 AM

Track of the Day - Ox - You & Me

This is a track called "You & Me" and is a song about Hip Hop. I absolutely love it!
Ox is an MC from the midwest who is putting a lot of heart into his music, he writes about the daily struggles that he has to face. His lyrics are deep, yet catchy! You should definitely check this joint out!

3:02 AM

Royce da 5'9'' - Street Hop Tracklist

We finally got a tracklist, too bad the production credits aren't in it. Of course the whole Slaughterhouse Crew is featured (Is it me or do you always have to think about that Masta Ace album when you read the name?). Tracklist looks aight, hope it will be better than Royce's previous efforts. Funny thing is, that he never put out a great album but still he is one of my favorite MC's, I copped all the 12"es Premo produced... I think he should just pick some better beats sometimes.

1. Gun Harmonizing
2. Count For Nothing
3. Soldier (feat. Kid Vishis)
4. Something 2 Ride (feat. Phonte)
5. Dinner Time (feat. Busta Rhymes)
6. Far Away
7. The Warriors (feat. Slaughterhouse)
8. A Brief Intermission (Skit)
9. Gimme Money
10. Gangsta (feat. Trick Trick)
11. Shake This
12. Mine In Thiz
13. Street Hop
14. Thing For Your Girlfriend (Hoe Jack) (feat. Kay Young)
15. Bad Boy (feat. Jungle Rock Jr.)
16. Take You There (feat. Melanie Rutherford)
17. Part Of Me
18. Love From The Hood (feat. Bun B & Joell Ortiz)

Sep 9, 2009 11:25 PM

Abu Simbel

The temple of Abu Simbel was built around 1300 before christ in Egypt. Ramses II. The Great was ruling and leading Egypt to their prime, economically and cultural. It was a time of peace and he had the goal to build great monuments all around the country, to show how mighty he was. He built 2 temples in Abu Simbel, a big and a small one, one for himself and one for his "favorite wife". The crazy thing about it is, that these monuments weren't built like the pyramids, stone by stone, they had to carve the temples out of 2 enormous rocks, with simple bronze and stone tools. Thousands of tons of limestone had to be removed, to get 180 feet deep into the enormous rock. It took over 20 years, but Ramses II. was overwhelmed by what his workers did.
One the left and on the right side of the entrance you can find 2 enormous statues (see picture above) that are 60 feet tall, which all show Ramses II. himself. On the inside of the big temple are one huge and a lot of small side chambers. There are also 4 statues which show the gods Re-Harachte, Ptah, Amun-Re and the "Godking" Ramses II. himself. They were put in a special place, so the sun shines on them every October 20th and February 20th.

The small temple that was built for his favorite wife Nefertari was smaller, but it was exceptional that he even built one for a woman. Her statue was the same size as his, which was new because the women of the kings were usually made a lot smaller and just reached up to the king's knees.
In the 1960's they had to relocate the 2 temples due to the new Assuan dam, which might have flooded the temples. In one of the biggest projects ever they cut the 20.000 tons of stone into 1036 pieces and built up again around 500ft away.

For more inforation you can check wikipedia!

Sep 8, 2009 10:29 AM

King of Queens - Up in Here

One of my favorite King of Queens scenes! Deacon and his "Hip Hop Friends" having a little party and Doug ruining it!

9:58 AM

Kaze & DJ Whoo Kid - First in flight Mixtape

This is something really important to me. My boy Kaze, who is a real good guy and one of the most underrated rappers drops his new mixtape. He was part of the Rawkus 50, which sadly was pretty much nothing and he won the MC contest over @ which got him a deal. Please download this mixtape. I haven't listened to it yet but I'm already downloading it. I know it is good music! Props to 2dopeboyz for the link!

01 919 Fashion (prod. Erv Ford)
02 Whatever U Wanna Do (prod. Gotti)
03 Best I Ever Had
04 Get Shut Down f. Fluent & AK Slaughter (prod. Erv Ford)
05 Day In the Life (prod. Gyphted)
06 Need It To Go (prod. Gotti)
07 The Grind f. S.S.P. (prod. The Dem)
08 Fresh f. Mr. Mohalyn (prod. 9th Wonder)
09 They Don’t Know f. Mr. Mohalyn (prod. Jake One)
10 Diamond Life (prod. Erv Ford)
11 Reminisce (prod. E. Jones)
12 Blowing in the Wind (prod. Erv Ford)

9:25 AM

Tony Tigerstyle - What's Up With That

OK, so here is the first official post on the new blog. I don't wanna post the same joints that everybody posts on their pages, so I will always try to put up tracks that y'all ain't heard yet and you might not find anywhere else.

So this is a track of my good friend and partner, the other half of the Soul Occs, Tony Tigerstyle. I think the track is from around 2005 and it's called "What's Up With That". This was one of my favorite tracks back then, I love the loop that was used in the beat and Tony is rhyming at his best. Something for the underground heads!

I wanna get some guest posts in from time to time. Maybe Tony will tell y'all the story of the joint he did with Xzibit, that he had to throw away because X to the Z used the same verse for his own album...


6:39 AM


After my first journey where I tried blogging about 2 years ago, which ended after 5 posts, I will finally start again. I'm still building a team and already got 2 great friends on board. Esperado will give you some of his outlooks on life and music in his weekly section, which might end up in talking about girls and dating... My boy Matt will tell you something about the roots of the Hip Hop culture and the Zulu nation, but will also post some actual stuff. I won't focus on Hip Hop or music in general, I will give you some opinions and information about pretty much anything that I find interesting. Might be sports, especially the new NBA season, fashion, culture or history, give you information on some of the most beautiful places on earth or just tell some personal stories. Everything is possible!
I don't want to rant too much, that is already being done on other pages. I just will when something really annoys me, like all the complaining other people do, I hate that sh*t.
I will also keep you updated on my projects, I'm currently working on a special EP with Punchlyne (of eMC), the Soul Occs LP finally got a home and there is a lot of other stuff going on, but I will tell you about it, when the time is right.
I made the design by myself, I'm not really a geek or anything and don't really know about html, i just know how to help myself and I think the page looks cool. I hope you like it too.

So I hope you will enjoy ClapWorld and please tell yout friends to tell their friends about us! And don't forget to bookmark the page!
Much Love to everybody!



- Masta Ace & Edo.G's album "Arts & Entertainment" out now

- Everybody who visits the USA will be supposed to pay 10 dollars "entrance", to pay a marketing campaign to get more tourists. SOunds weird, but that's what they plan.

- Strong Arm Steady and Madlib recorded a whole collabo album entitled "Stoney Jackson" which will be released via Stones Throw this fall. Features: Talib Kweli, Guilty Simpson, Phonte, Planet Asia.

- Busta Rhymes is working on his new album "The Chemo", let's hope it will be better than the last one...

- The collabo album of Method Man, Ghostface and Raekwon has been pushed back to 2010, same goes for the Roots album.

Clap's Current Top 5

  • 1. Marco Polo & Rustee Juxx - You can't stop Me
  • 2. Reflection Eternal - Strangers
  • 3. Heather B - The game don't stop
  • 4. Statik Selektah feat Bun B, Wale - So close so far
  • 5. Freeway & Jake One - The Product
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